Distributed Universal Guide Grabber
For Australian Television

DUGG is a program for getting TV guide information for Australian television.
The information is presented in XML format, compatible with either Media Portal or Windows Media Center, depending on the user's choice.

Typically, downloading this information is an inefficient and slow process, because most of the downloaded data is HTML formatting instructions, and is discarded.

DUGG reduces this problem in 2 ways.

    1) Downloaded data is stored locally on the user's computer. This avoids the need to download it again.

    2) Downloaded data is stripped of all the unwanted formatting and uploaded to a central store,
        so other users can subsequently download it in this more efficient form.


Download the program HERE. The current version is 5.61
Note the link above is a free file hosting site. You must disable download managers, and type a number into the box, then wait 30 seconds for the download.

Instructions for using the program can be found here.


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